Tricycle and Jody Jazz live from USA

Am 14. April, 16:30 Uhr im Bläserstudio Koblenz

Ab 20:30 Uhr :  Gecko Lounge Jazz Session

Details und Anmeldung zum Workshop / Konzert unter Tel. 0261 / 160632

Jody Espina’s inventive saxophone playing… is reminiscent of Sonny Rollins, with a nice full tone, and a boxers mentality of searching for improvisational openings .“

„[Rolf Sturm is]…one of the best solo acoustic and electric guitarists in the business, an in-demand sideman, comfortable in almost any style, and much admired by established artists of all genres.“
RICK DANDES (The Daily Item)

When Rob Henke plays, you feel as though he were talking to you and the trumpet is just a tool to broaden the possibilities of the human voice .“

Wir freuen uns in diesem Jahr wieder den berühmten Mundstück Hersteller und Ausnahme-Saxophonisten mit seiner Jazz Combo zu Gast im Bläserstudio Koblenz zu haben. Jody Espina ist einer der erfolgreichsten Mundstück Hersteller der letzten Jahre und viele unserer Kunden vertrauen auf seine Saxophon Mundstücke. Am 14. April kommt der US-Amerikaner mit seinen Mitmusikern Rolf Sturm und Rob Henke nach Koblenz. Wir erleben mit ihnen gemeinsam einen spannenden Nachmittag mit Workshop im Bläserstudio (Englischkenntnisse von Vorteil) und am Abend ein Konzert in der Koblenzer Gecko Lounge im Rahmen der Koblenzer Jazzsession (

Jody Espina Master Class/ Clinic Description

Saxophone Practice Techniques, Improvisation & Mouthpiece Technology


President and founder of JodyJazz, Jody Espina,  will present skills and techniques for developing a personal saxophone sound. Topics covered will include Breathing and embouchure techniques as well as harmonics and other exercises to help players achieve the sound they desire.


Performing with Jody Espina will be Rolf Sturm – Gtr, and Rob Henke – Trpt, This working trio called “Tricycle” will address various aspects of improvistion.

Saxophone Mouthpieces

Part two of the clinic will cover mouthpiece technology including what each part of the mouthpiece does to the sound. Mr. Espina hopes to help players make more informed decisions when they search for a new mouthpiece.

About Jody Espina

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 1983, Jody Espina, performed and taught music in Barcelona Spain and toured with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra before settling in New York City in 1985. For the next fifteen years Espina pursued a successful career performing, recording and teaching music, including performing in Broadway pit orchestras, recording movie sound tracks and as the head of the Jazz Dept for The Hoff-Barthelson Music School. In 2000 Espina founded JodyJazz Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpieces. Espina attributes the phenomenal growth of the company (which has annual sales in excess of one million dollars) to a dedication to quality control, innovative designs and the use of cutting edge technologies. In 2008 Espina moved JodyJazz and his family to Savannah Georgia in order to be closer to family.

TRICYCLE is an acoustic trio that explores the many different improvisational modes within the overall „Jazz“ tradition. The members of Tricycle have performed hundreds of gigs together in various NYC bands. Together they have toured the United States and Europe.  And they have appeared on over a dozen CDs together as in-demand sidemen. The high degree of empathy and communication displayed by Tricycle is no doubt the result of playing together in so many diverse situations. Tricycle is now performing in NYC and touring Europe to promote the trio’s self-titled CD.

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